Protect your Brand against Counterfeit
using Blockcchain

Global Counterfeiting Report 2018: Value of Counterfeited Goods in 2017 Amounted to 1.2 Trillion $

Counterfeited Goods

The amount of total counterfeiting globally has reached to 1.2 Trillion USD. The estimated losses due to counterfeiting of Clothing, Textile, Footwear, Cosmetics, handbags, and Watches amounted to 98 Billion USD which includes counterfeiting from offline as well as online mediums. The Global Brand Counterfeiting Report, 2018 has addressed the issue of proliferation of trademark counterfeiting in this technologically driven era. The globalization of trade and communication has offered unparalleled opportunities for organized crimes to engage in illicit trade and counterfeiting so as to increase their economic influence.

Blockchain Tehcnology

BrandScann employ a blockchain system utilising QR codes on products or packaging. Blockchain ledgers are designed to be immutable. Each record in a blockchain ledger contains a cryptographic key. This key is created using each previous record (and its key). That makes it very easy to run an algorithm that detects if the ledger has been tampered with.

Choose the perfect plan

Brand Scann


  • Register brand
  • Create poducts under registred brands
  • IDentifiers wich can be attached to product units
  • Validate authenticity of a product
  • Report counterfeit
  • Generate unique IDentifiers

Brand Scann


  • Manufacturer: Register brand - Create product
  • Create batches of IDs, Sell
  • Distributer: Purchase batch, Validate Authenticity, Split batch, Resell
  • Retailer: Phurchase batch, Validate Authenticity
    Sell to consumer, Report counterfeit.
  • Authority: Investigate Counterfeit, Backtrace Trades

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